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    In jewelry showcase, we should make good use of the design of stainless steel and using this design sell our jewelries better. I suggest that readers should read this article carefully and help them bring more benefits. Good jewelry showcase can increase the customers’ desire to purchase their products.

The “Use” of Stainless Steel in the Design of Jewelry Showcase

The “Use” of Stainless Steel in the Design of Jewelry Showcase

    As we talk about stainless steel, we can see it everywhere in our life and know its use is so widespread. While in the design of jewelry showcase, stainless steel has become the most used display props by designers. And how do designers make good use of stainless steel so that more and more high-end display cabinets, display props and all kinds of design styles arise one by one? The improvement and change of commercial display’s design, will make the design use more materials. And more matches of changing materials make display space more aesthetic and more wonderful. Basing on this, stainless steel also gradually shows its advantages on display design.

    Stainless steel itself possesses cold texture, calm colors, stable physical and chemical properties and hard modeling features. So in jewelry showcase and display props decoration materials, stainless steel plays a very important decorative role.

    In a market economy environment, the competition of various products has become increasingly fierce. Especially for those wide varieties of everyday products, at mall, to have an eye-catching, unique display space is very important. However, the vacancies at mall seem to become fewer and fewer. So how to make good use of this display space and let it play its role more efficiently, are problems concerned by businesses and professional firms engaged in commercial decoration.

    A successful showcase needs to do the following:
    1. Complete the practical features of display goods;
    2. Beautiful and novel appearance, attracting attention, and giving a good impression;
    3. Make use of space fully and reasonably.
    4. Conform to businesses CI requirements.

    For example, one showcase is placed in a space with 3 meters wide and 2.5 meters height, surrounded by other display products. The glass partitions of its both sides not only are ventilated, but also form a relatively independent of space with above protruding light box. Curved design of backplane make the whole shape simple enough but break through the stiff. In a narrow line of sight, it creates a lovely, dynamic effect. A simple and stable showcase with platform, is enough to place all needed commodities and convenient for speaker wining. The whole display space with bright vision, outstanding commodities and cheap cost, is a typical successful work.

    The design and production methods of showcase are abundant enough so that need businesses and professional display firms work with each other to finish it.

    The jewelry showcase made of stainless steel with complicated and elaborate workmanship, possesses unique style and noble temperament. It mainly used in high-grade display space, high-grade showcase and display props. The elaborate degree of workmanship not only determines the quality of display space, but also highlights the display effect of showcase. Thorough and innovative design and sophisticated technology are indispensible to finish a showcase with upscale temperament.