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Store design and layout

If you want to open a retail store, you should know that is no joke and requires meticulous planning and detailed knowledge. So when you are sure that your store is in a prime location and is easily accessible to the end –users, you must know that do not open a store at a secluded place. And then the store design and layout should plan out each and everything well, the location of the shelves or racks to display the merchandise, the position of the mannequins and so on.Store design and layout

About the floor plan, we have several suggestions. The first is the straight floor plan makes optimum use of the walls, and utilizes the space in the most judicious manner. Because the straight floor plan can make the customers to move and shop freely. The second is the diagonal floor plan, the shelves or racks are kept diagonal to each other for the owner or the store manager to have a watch on the customers. The third one is the angular floor plan, due to the racks and walls are given a curved look to add to the style of the store. This kind of design can gives a more sophisticated look to the store. The last one is the geometric floor plan—–the rack and fixture are given a geometric shape in such a floor plan. It can bring a trendy and unique look to the store. Those kinds of store design and layout can bring a special impression in a new store.

About the display in the store, we must make sure the mannequins are according to the target market and display the latest trends. The clothes should look fitted on the dummies without using unnecessary pins. The position of the dummies must be changed from time to time to avoid monotony. Next, the merchandise should be adequately lit so that the products they need. Make sure the products do not fall off the shelves. And the last,
The customers should be able to move freely in the store. I believe you have to choose a series of rack, if you will have a new store. We can supply you a series of display rack, you will be satisfied with our service. Please contact us, if you have those needs.