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The use of mannequin has been around for centuries. Although the mannequin was much different from the ancient style, it still goes to show that this form of fashion display has been well-loved for years. Today, in a different economy and for a different consumer, mannequins are entrusted with selling something else: the image of mannequin for a store. As the integral component of store’s identity, the mannequin is a vital tool of communication.

mannequin for a store.Mannequin plays an important role in the presentation and display of the merchandise attracting the customers into the store and prompting them to buy the products. Differentiation is critical in today’s marketplace, with each retailer required to develop an image that sets it apart. Because the mannequins are the key touch points of the brand image, to select the right mannequin forms is essential. And leading fashion store have different approaches. There are several factors to affect the image of mannequin for a store.

First, the poses of mannequin must not only complement the merchandise, but also project the brand. We always like to find soft and subtle mannequin to allow the fashion elements to hang naturally. Because a great deal of movement in mannequin will stop the eye and distract from the clothing. Above all, the image of mannequin for a store is mainly to present and display the fashion clothes.

Second, the use of realistic mannequins in the store’s window, which is a well-designed abstract to provides a simple elegance for a store. For example, mannequins can show the customer how to accessorize and put pieces together. The mixing merchandising brands combining mannequins with clothes highlight the fashion merchandising trend. So the image of mannequin for a store can do more than sell.

What’s more, different images of mannequin are used to distinguish different departments. For some stores, they often use abstracts with heads for contemporary wears and abstracts with colored heads for children’s. To the other presentation points that they also often uses headless mannequins, selects areas use standing forms or just body parts. But the main feature is to make the clothes look their best on some sort of presentation of the human form. If you are a subtle store, you should care the image of mannequin for your fashion store. And now, if you have any needs to decorate your fashion store, please contact us any time. ( )We can supply you suitable fashion mannequin for you.