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    Considering the overall display effect, in general, we can display our clothes according to colors or styles. This should be based on the area of the store and the main style employed by shop owner. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. So display clothes should depend on particular facts. However, whatever kind of way you choose, you must consider the following basic elements. Adopting these principles will help companies arrange various products from a holistic view and give featured product the most prominent position.

Shop Display Principle: How to Display Your Clothes Perfectly?

Shop Display Principle: How to Display Your Clothes Perfectly?

    We match different types and colors of products to form an overall display with refined form and rich connotation. But there is only one purpose for this, which is increasing sales.

    Business competition pattern has entered the era of big business. In the strongly competitive atmosphere, in order to attract the attention of consumers and promote sales, terminal shops strive to be different in every detail. Especially in marketplace, besides putting enough effort into shop design and window style, they also try unconventional way on terminal display for a strong visual impact to form a sales environment with commercial space. Through a strong design contrast their selling atmosphere, through a unique personality establish their business image and through attracting more customers get more benefits. Therefore, terminal displays are paid more and more attention by businessmen and become an important part of sales system.

    Front door, windows, shelves, props, display compose of all sales terminals. Front door and shelves belong to the hardware of brand image, but display belongs to software of brand image. For each brand, they reach a high degree of unity in the requirement of hardware and software to establish a brand image, build strong sales tension and pursue the maximum profit in the market. But why they failed to achieve satisfied effect, is mainly that they can’t be perfect on display.

    Display, themed commodities, using different varieties, styles, colors, fabrics and characteristics of different products, through applying artistic sleight shows products. It not only highlights the feature and selling of commodities to attract the attention of customers, but also enhances and strengthens customers better understanding of the goods and the degree of memory and trust to cause maximum desire of purchase. This is the text position of display and also the functions that display shows for consumers.

    The display way of hanging garments

    Hanging garments: Generally we use hanger to hanger garments so that we fully show the feature of products and are easy to form a color visual impact and atmosphere. The customers can know and understand the product only with the eyes.

    Displaying hanging garments should note the following:
    1. Clear whether to display according to colors or types of products.
    2. The same series of products use the same hanger.
    3. The number sequence of hanging garments is from front to back, from small size to large size; from left to right, from small size to large size.
    4. The color of column side to hang garments is from outside to inside, from front to back, from shallow to deep, from bright to dark. The color of row side to hang garments is from outside to inside, from shallow to deep, from bright to dark.