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    As one saying goes, life is always more exciting than the drama. Life is always able to give us a lot of surprises, turning waste into treasure is its miraculous place. Sometimes, we would be very worried how to deal with a lot of garbage. Especially plastics, it’s difficult to corrosion and easy to cause environmental pollution. At this point if the waste can be reused, after all, it’s the best choice. Plastic bottles, food bottles, waste paper, packaging bags…… which are always classified as junk items, can also make your home cheer up through DIY! Let’s have a look.

Life Gives You Surprises, DIY Props Let Home Cheer Up.

Life Gives You Surprises, DIY Props Let Home Cheer Up.

    Plastic bottle jewelry base station
    Using the bottom of a plastic bottle to make up a jewelry station putting jewelry sets, just take an iron bar through the center of the bottoms and then it can succeed to make up.

    Jewelry box
    Abandoned old frame with a gold mesh or burlaps, can easily create unique fashion jewelry box.

    Card/ Wall notes
    Only needs a solid color card to make base, buy a few patterned magnets, and then put them on your refrigerator or your wall.

    Avatar jewel box ice box
    Use ice box sub-grid features, place the jewelry category and white box highlights the beauty of ornaments.

    Paper reel
    Try to use cardboard to roll the various lines and store them. Pasting patterned tape will be more cute!

    Spoon garden
    Stuck the various patterns of flower plants on spoon, then insert them together, and create a chic little garden.

    Jewelry bottle rack
    When the wine was drunk up, do not waste a nice bottle, and becoming alternative jewelry rack is also very fashionable.

    Cheese grater earring rack
    If you have idle cheese grater, you paint it in your favorite colors, and then use it to hang some interesting or temporarily useless earrings.

    PVC pipe collecter
    PVC pipe collecters are the perfect storage items of cosmetic tool.

    Shopping Bag storage walls
    Fashion shopping bag style is payed more and more attention by businessmen, and styling and quality are very nice. Arranging them on the wall for storage is quite a perfect modeling.

    Suitcase-style side table
    Piling the retro-style suitcase makes your own beautiful wall tables. Bright side countertops of hand mirror seem more stylish.

    Soda pull-tab
    Using soda pull-tab can pull two racks together. Racks stacked on top will help you save wardrobe space.

    Sunglasses hanger
    Change the package of your hanger, and then it can become the best deposited place of sunglasses.

    DIY Memory Wall
    This lovely memories DIY wall will help you to gather the things together which you should be remembered and avoid to forget.