Project Description

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High grade wooden oblique type shoe rack QWM01



High grade wooden oblique type shoe rack QWM01
Size 27*20*21*1cm
Material Beech
Color Log color
MOQ 1000Pcs
Usage for Shoes Display
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 11-15USD


High grade wooden oblique type shoe rack QWM01 ,Qianwan design for you. Please look at the brilliantly attracting High grade wooden oblique type shoe rack QWM01 in front of you. This is the latest product of Qianwan, And our first time to break the tradition of their own according to customer demand for the design of new products. Of course, it’s not persuasive to just judge it from the outside.First, The shoe support selection of high-grade wood crafted, simple and unsophisticated. As a display, it can highlight the theme shops and the products more perfect to display.Second, This shoe support is relatively easy to maintain, not easy to paint, with a towel to rub on it.At the last, Inclined plate, adhesive bar, prevent shoes slide, considerate in place. Of course, after a number of hand – polishing, the edge of the shoe is very smooth, so you do not have to worry about will be injured. Then, let me introduce the specific information about this product. About its specifications,length:27cm,Wide:21cm;Height:20cm;Thickness:1cm; Reminder, because the measurement is different, manual measurement 1-2 cm error is normal.The oblique type shoe rack MOQ is 200Pcs and it can provide a sample,The price between at 11-15USD, This price is currently on the market, but also relatively reasonable. So if you are considering to buy some new shoes rack and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.