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    Nowadays, people have become increasingly demanding on the display effect of clothes and store. Fashion show display requires that overall effect is good, beautiful, fashionable and so on. Clothes display rack is one of the most important parts in clothes display, and how to do a good job in this field? I will introduce for every businessman in the following.

How to Select Display Rack to Reinforce the Effect of Store Display

How to Select Display Rack to Reinforce the Effect of Store Display

    In general, clothing products, which base on show, relevance and combinations and many other products supporting demand, the display space doesn’t need actually isolate. It just needs some certain space and build a visual display with a certain sequence by color, structure and layout design. It makes sure to give customers a reasonable and effective way to get specific information when in body or sight movement.

    Color is a human feeling of visible light. Through color, we use paints and colored materials to match and deploy so that create the ideal, color-coordinated environment and convey all kinds of information to people. In the clothing store, there are so many types of clothes, including main clothes, shoes, socks, hats, scarves, etc. and many styles of clothes. In order to distinguish types and styles of the above product, a lot of sellers are decorated with color division of space.

    It is worth noticing that the color on the same rack should not be excessive. Especially the large block of color as background, should also try to make each part of color have an obvious integrity, even though use different color to distinguish different area of clothes. You can use the same brightness, different hues of color, such as a combination of light blue and light pale, or use similar color in a relatively small difference to maximize the integrity of color system.

    We can divide space by the re-design of structure. Through the structure, layout design and renovation divide space. That is to say, based on the original architectural structures in clothing store, such as walls, columns, beams and other re-designed to divide the region and create a unique layout space. The change of diversity, reconfigurable and clear, concise and other features, have played a very important role in dividing space in store.

    In short, the rack design in clothing store is to focus on how to effectively increase customer awareness of the selling goods. Therefore, as a visual way to convey information, indoor product show design plays a significant role in promoting sales and brand awareness.