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    Shoe rack is one of necessary furniture. It not only can store shoes but also play an important role in decorating house. Normally, there are two kinds of choice for shoe rack. One is to purchase from market and another is to customize one. Whatever one you choose, you need to note the size of shoe rack, since it will affect future when you use it.

How to Choose the Size of Shoe Rack and Purchase Considerations

How to Choose the Size of Shoe Rack and Purchase Considerations

    Height and length of shoe rack
    Shoe rack is also one kind of furniture and often put near door. This place not only is used by family when go in and out of home, but also guest will see it when they come. It will affect the first impression of guest when they come in. Therefore, we need pay attention to practical function storing shoes, and should not forget the decorating function of shoe rack. In general, the height of shoe rack should be below 800mm. Of course, the specific height depends on the different placement. It’s best not to give people a sense of oppression. The length normally bases on the number of shoes. For example, designing a longer shoe rack will help you store more shoes.

    Depth of shoe rack
    The depth normally ranges from 350mm to 400mm. Too small will have a lot of inconvenience in future use. Too big will occupy a lot of space and also be so wasteful. This depth is very ergonomic. We all know that whether man or woman, every shoe have size. If the depth of shoe rack is not enough, the man’s shoes which have a big size putting into shoe rack will cause that the shoe rack’s door can’t close. Even though shoe rack is open, putting too big shoes into it will affect aesthetic. Considering about this, whether to buy or customize, should carefully check the depth of the entire shoe rack.

    Purchase considerations of shoe rack
    There are many purchase considerations of buying a piece of furniture. As for shoe rack, be sure to take the gap between the level of men and women shoes into account. If the family has more female shoes, there will be a higher requirement on the height of layer. If the height of the shelf is fixed and relatively short, placing high heel shoes will face obstacles and affect normally use. The best way is to layer man’s shoes and women’s shoes, low heel shoes and high heel shoes. There are high and low layers in one shoe rack and work in a patchwork way. If you buy those shoe racks with movable layer and adjust the height of each layer according to your own preference, there will be more convenient to use in the future.