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    Last time, we have already talked about the stress of feng shui on shoe rack and Essentials of placing shoe rack. You can read the last article at . Considering that some don’t know about feng shui, we explain it again this time.

Feng Shui on Shoe Rack: the Best Position to Place Shoes

Feng Shui on Shoe Rack: the Best Position to Place Shoes

    Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The feng shui practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together.

    Today, we will talk about the best position to place shoes. The following is key point of feng shui on shoe rack. Believe it or not, and they also have science explanation.

    1. All the shoes worn outside, should be placed inside of and near the door, and be not allowed to place in room.
    Feng shui explanation: The shoes worn outside are hard to avoid bringing all kinds of dirty thing. If worn into room, they can bring all kinds of disaster into house. In order to avoid disaster outside the door and make it loose the position and direction, we need to place them near the door.
    Science explanation: The shoes worn outside should meet the requirements of hygiene so that keep the room clean.

    2. We can put one shoe rack in the hall to place shoes, but pay attention to the height. The height can’t exceed a third height of the house.
    Feng shui explanation: Nature is classified into 3 layers, which are sky, human and ground. Shoes belong to ground. If too high, they will occupy the position of human and be harmful to master.
    Science explanation: According to aesthetics, if shoe rack is too high, it will not be so beautiful. What’s more, there is smell in shoes and placing shoes too high will pollute the air inside the house.

    3. When placing shoes, toe cap should point down and outside the door. If subject to conditions, toe cap can’t point to the outside of the door, and should point to the wall. It can’t be allowed to point upside or the room.
    Feng shui explanation: The direction of evil spirits is on the toe cap, so it can’t point to the room or to the upper which belong to human.
    Science explanation: Toe cap pointing down is conducive to dissipate moisture from inside the shoe through the hole. Toe cap pointing down or outside is convenient when we go out, wear and get the shoes smoothly.

    4. If shoe rack has several layers, we should place the old and children’s on the top, and man’s shoe should be put above the woman’s.
    Feng shui explanation: The old and children are relatively weak and easier to be invaded by disaster. So we should put them near the place of human. Man and woman are heaven and earth, so man is above and woman is below. Otherwise it will harm both of them.
    Science explanation: The old is inconvenient to bend down and children are short. Putting above is convenient for them to get the shoes. Man is taller than woman and putting man’s shoes above woman is also convenient to get them.

    5. When we wear slippers and sleep at night, we should put the direction of toe cap points to contrary direction of bed.
    Feng shui explanation: While sleeping, people are easier to be invaded by disaster, toe cap pointing to human is easier to get troubles and illness.
    Science explanation: Toe cap pointing outside is convenient to wear slippers when getting up.