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    In modern society, most people are on the pursuit of fashion. They care about dress in their body, and even a small accessory can damage whole beautiful image. Only match every wear in their body can he or she shows charming image. One of the most useful accessories is the belt. Belt play a connecting link between upper and lower body and selecting one appropriate belt is one of crucial thing to dress whole body perfectly.

    Now that belt is so important in dress, it’s also a good choice for you to supply different styles belt for those need it. If you want to run one fashionable shop that sell belts, you should think carefully about how to display different style of different belts. At this moment, you may need some special prop to display them, which is what we often call display rack for belt.

    Generally speaking, there are mainly 3 types of display rack for belt in the market. The first one is metal belt display rack. This kind of belt rack is very solid and can hang on many belts. Some of this kind of belt rack can still add some rotating machine in the bottom so that it can rotate to show every belt to customers. The second one is wooden belt display rack. This kind of belt rack is often customized into a number of units to hold on belts. Wood can be easy to be incised and colored so that there are more styles of belt rack that made of wood. The third one is round display rack. This kind of belt rack can only place one belt and usually be used for those expensive belts.

    You can arrange different belt rack in your shop according to shop design. For example, you can put one metal belt display rack in front of door. A lot of belt racks can help you attractive more customers to come into your shop. When customers come into your shop, you can lead them to those expensive and delicate belts that held by round belt display rack. What’s more, you can place different belt racks according space of the shop, customers’ habits or other idea you can think.

    No matter what kinds of display rack for belt you want to use, you should choose some excellent display racks in the market. Only with this way can you show a great effect to display your belts, which means that you need to find some manufactures to cooperate with them. Qianwan International Group Limited is a famous company which design, produce, and sell belt display racks. The company possesses many years’ experience and provides super service for every person or company. You can visit our website at to select products you like. If you need to customize your product, we are willing to do business with you sincerely. Please do not hesitate to contact us once you are interested in one of our products.