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    Shoe rack is the household necessary goods at the entrance door. We will bid farewell to a pile of messy unbearable sight, only if we select the proper shoe rack. You can come to the market to buy some pleased shoe rack, but today here, we will tell you some new shoe rack that you can make by yourself.

    1. Iron wire shoe rack
    This kind of simple shoe rack is a little similar to newspaper rack. Using some simple iron wire we can make up such a simple shoe rack. It’s easy to make and convenient to carry.542789487a6d2

    2. Wooden shoe rack
    This kind of shoe rack is normally placed in living room. It’s only convenient for people to change shoes while going to work or going off work, but also convenient when guest come to your house and change shoes.542789491a715

    3. Steel pipe shoe rack
    This kind of steel pipe shoe rack is both simple and elegant. The edge is made of steel pipe, which is relatively durable. At the same time, you can break it apart and assemble it again according your like.54278948e556e

    4. Double layer shoe rack
    At the beginning, the previous shoe rack can only place one pair of shoes. After you add some wooden or metal board on it, you can place one more pair of shoes. Is it so simple and practical?5427894940c60

    There are so many kinds of shoe racks that you can just use some simple materials and make by yourself. You can look up some course in the Internet and try to DIY your own shoe rack. It’s very interesting when you finally succeed to make one.