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During holidays, there are a lot of relatives and friends coming as guests. More guests will bring more shoes, and some readers will worry for their shoe rack in house. Maybe it’s time for them to buy one shoe rack that suits for their family. But so many people will encounter some problems. If it’s not that shoe rack is not good-looking, then it’s that the function of shoe rack doesn’t meet their needs or with a small storage capacity. In the following, I will introduce some skills of buying shoe rack and some knowledge of routine maintenance.

Buy a “House” for Shoes: Skills to Buy Shoe Rack

Buy a “House” for Shoes: Skills to Buy Shoe Rack

How to choose size
According to the size of shoes choose the size of shoe rack. There are many sizes of shoe rack. The family which has many shoes should choose relatively bigger shoe rack, but for those family with less shoes should choose smaller one. Suiting for yourself is the most important.

How to choose materials
According to the materials, shoe racks can classified as wooden shoe rack, metal shoe rack and plastic shoe rack.
Because plastic and wooden shoe rack can’t be put in the place with direct sunlight and prevent aging process and suncrack, if shoe rack is placed in outdoor area such as balcony, we should choose metal shoe rack and it will have a longer life. But if put indoors, we can choose either plastic or wooden shoe rack.

How to choose style
There are many popular styles in the markets, such as modern style, rustic style, Korean garden style, etc. The style of shoe rack should consistent with the overall style of household.
When choosing shoe rack, we can choose the color depending on indoor whole color, but as the accessories can’t be better than the main part, shoe rack can’t influence the indoor whole style. Wooden shoe rack more emphasizes on natural and simple rustic style, and color is generally lighter. Plastic and shoe rack mores emphasize on modern style, and color is generally darker. And there are many choices for plastic shoe rack.

The cleaning and maintenance of shoe rack
Wipe the shoe rack with a wet cloth regularly to remove dust. Metal shoe rack should avoid wet to prevent rust. Plastic shoe rack should avoid direct sunlight to prevent aging. Wooden shoe rack can be wiped with special care agents to keep the gloss of wood. Wooden shoe rack should not only keep dry to avoid damp deformation but also avoid direct sunlight to prevent sun crack.